Award Winning Leadership

We combine more than a century of award winning industry experience with a modern blend of innovation and creativity.

The Megacast Team

Our leadership team comprises of some of the world's top business, marketing and media entrepreneurs. The list of companies attached to their names include such creations as MySpace, Netscape, HBO, Business Rockstars, The Good Life, and Shark Tank to name a few. Megacast's board of advisors have all been highlighted as game changers in their respective industries, ranging from Media and Technology to Finance and Natural Resources.

Jesse Dylan

Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Dylan is a multiple award-winning show host (The Good Life Show) Sirius/CBS, the author of the best-selling book The Good Life with Jesse Dylan and the founder of Good Life Networks. Jesse has been featured in a documentary as one of the top five on-air personalities in the world. He’s been named personality of the year in Canada and won the prestigious Actra award for the same.He’s also won international awards including Gold at the International Festival of Radio in NYC. Jesse is a leading producer of transformational entertainment. His success is built on over 40 years of broadcast experience combined with the renowned relationships he has forged with the greatest authorities in the world of media, entertainment and technology. Jesse is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the CEO & Founder of a leading entertainment – technology company.

Cliff Dumas

Chief Operating Officer

Cliff’s significant broadcast career includes being named the winner of a CMA, ACM, and multiple CCMA Awards for Major Market Broadcaster of the Year in the U.S and Canada. Cliff is a 2013 Mark Award Winner for Excellence in Broadcast Marketing. His television career includes writing, co-producing and voicing close to 30 network shows, 18 Canadian Country Music Awards along with specials for Anne Murray, Terri Clark, Paul Brandt and countless specials for CMT.

Cornel Fota

Chief Technology Officer

Consistently referred to as one of North America’s leading technology architects. Cornel Fota is a seasoned technical executive with over ten years experience in VP and C level positions. He has considerable experience and proven track record in building software development organizations from the ground up, and bringing enterprise software products to market.

Apolo Ohno


Apolo Ohno is the winningest Winter Olympic athlete in US history, and a member of Megacast as an advisor and shareholder. Apolo brings his elite success as an 8-time medal winning speed skater to Megacst as well as a vast array of international business success with his health product company, “Allysian Sciences”.

Paul Matysek


A mining entrepreneur, professional geochemist, geologist, and the President and CEO of Goldrock Mines Corp., Paul Matysek brings more than 30 years of business and leadership experience to Megacast. He was the Founder, President and CEO of Energy Metals Corporation (“EMC”), a premier uranium company which he turned into one of the fastest growing Canadian companies by increasing its market capitalization from $10 million in 2004 to approximately $1.8 billion upon acquisition in 2007.

Mark Holden


Mark Holden is the former Co-CEO and Founder of Gener8 Digital Media Corp., one of the industry leaders in the conversion of film from 2D to 3D. Prior to Gener8, President & CEO of Hip Digital Media, a global leader in online music and media distribution, Mr. Holden was responsible for Hip’s corporate vision and operations. Previously, he was vice president of iTiva Development Corp., an internet video distribution company. Mr. Holden was one of the co founders of E-Zone Networks (“E-Zone”), at one time, the world’s largest private digital entertainment network.

Spencer Proffer


Spencer Proffer, CEO of music and media production company, Meteor 17, and Megacast, have formed an alliance to work together on select projects where they utilize each other’s formidable skill sets to add more disruption to the universe and raise the bar on their joint activities.

They have partnered on several digitally powered and multi platform ventures including a worldwide radio franchise entitled “Inside The Music”.  This radio franchise will air on iHeart radio, Radio America and other top line outlets around the world.

Jesse has interviewed Spencer on nine separate segments relating to seminal recordings he has produced.

They are currently co-hosting this series together.

The conceit of the franchise examines the stories behind the music that helped change pop culture, from a music producer’s vantage point.  

Michael Pine


Mike Pine is GM of FanDuel’s Integrated Partnerships. FanDuel works closely with professional sports Leagues and Teams (NFL, NBA, etc.). Mike’s other accomplishments include, Turner Broadcasting/CNN’s Senior Director of Partnerships & Sponsorship, Global Head of Sales & Partnerships for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Global Chief Sales Officer (CSO) for the World Triathlon Corporation, dba IRONMAN and Vice President & Global Head of Sales for the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).