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Megacast operates at the leading edge of an expanding industry. $545 billion is spent on advertising worldwide every year and it is growing by 5 percent over the next 5 years. Within this industry we have a strong presence in both broadcast and digital media. Radio reaches 245 million people each week, and online radio has nearly doubled in average hours listened a week since 2008. Digital ad spending has increased to $140 billion, up 17% from the previous year, and now makes up 25% of all media ad spending. We see incredible value in strategies that integrate these distribution verticals into complementary marketing strategies.

Megacast helps businesses rise above the noise through the combined power of branding, content creation, viral marketing and distribution. While other agencies might specialize in branding, content or distribution, Megacast excels in a comprehensive suite of marketing services and integrates a range of expertise and technology to create successful campaigns. We also stand out from the crowd by offering performance based marketing campaigns. We subscribe to the philosophy that you can’t manage what you can’t measure so we make sure that we are tracking key performance indicators and consistently exceeding our client’s goals.

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Questions and Answers

Megacast CEO Jesse Dylan answers your questions about Megacast's position in the digital advertising industry.

Question: How is Megacast different from other Digital Advertising agencies?

Answer: While other agencies can do your marketing, or your branding, create your content and manage your distribution, Megacast is the only agency that does everything all under one roof. Many companies pay multiple marketing agencies to do what Megacast can do at a more cost effective price. Megacast creates the tools to tell your story and is the one stop shop for all your advertising needs.

Question: With conventional marketing often taking a backseat to Internet ads and online methods, how do you back up the power of traditional marketing like Radio to a client unsure of how it'll reach their audience?

Answer: Well as it happens, Radio is more powerful today than ever before, and that’s what makes the Megacast Platform such a great way to convert listeners into paying customers and generate revenue for your business. Weekly online radio listeners have doubled in hours listened per week since 2008, and more than 240 million people listen to the radio on a weekly basis. Megacast gets you on our exclusive Radio channels (XM Sirius Satellite Radio, Business Rockstars, iHeartRadio) both online and on-the-dial, ensuring you are targeting your future customers in the most effective way possible.

Question: Many companies end up using a number of firms with varied results, and when multiple firms fail to blow it out of the box it can be confusing and frustrating for the client to not know what’s working. How is Megacast different?

Answer: We’ve moved into a new paradigm. Most of the best marketing firms in the world have or will be soon moving into this paradigm. The new paradigm provides proven, quantifiable, performance based results. The old paradigm provides, hype, promotion and no guarantees. Ask our clients. Review our testimonials. Welcome to the future where results matter and dictate everything about how we approach our business model, but more importantly, how we approach yours.

Question: We already have a solid tech team and don’t want to disrupt our flow. Does using Megacast require that we replace our existing team with yours?

Answer: No! We integrate seamlessly with any and all existing teams. We work together with you and your company’s verticals. In almost all instances, we help amplify the best assets of your business. We do this through technology, media, marketing, content, passion and know-how.